ROMA Architecture (formerly Jon Anderson Architecture) is an award-winning architectural firm specializing in contemporary regionally-influenced design. ROMA is one of New Mexico's premier boutique architectural practices built upon over 30 years of exceptional service and quality design.


Our architects and designers continue the firm's established legacy of highly-crafted thoughtful architecture. Founded in 1991 by renowned architect Jon Anderson who retired at the end of 2020, the team remains largely the same, with long-time associate architects James Lucero and Dean Cowdrey now co-owning the firm.

We embrace the philosophy that natural forces and phenomena of place shape architecture. "Place" is the tangible and intangible qualities, the pressures and influences (i.e., sunlight, heat, wind, tradition, culture, etc.) that inform a structure's relationship to the landscape and the human experience.
Our team works to bring deeper meaning to shelter, with each design solution choreographed to celebrate the memory of a place, its history, people, climate, and geology. We imagine how the architecture will feel, sound, smell, and age to link the past with who we are today. We strive to blend tradition with our client's vision allowing the architecture to nestle gracefully and belong.
ROMA Architecture has won over 65 design awards from the American Institute of Architects and is featured in numerous architectural publications. Our work spans many typologies, including educational, commercial, civic, and residential projects. ROMA maintains a 'fighting weight' size, keeping us nimble and informed. Unlike an office model with staff dedicated to only one building type or facet of the design process, we train each team member to be well-rounded and intimately involved with all aspects of a project, including marketing, client interaction, design, documentation, and construction management. Above all, we take pride in working cooperatively with owners, building committees, user groups, stakeholders, and builders to produce meaningful architecture.