This project is a renovation and expansion of an existing cottage style home built in the 1920's. The home is firmly rooted on a steep sloping pie-shaped lot located in the Westwood neighborhood on the westside of Los Angeles, California.


To allow more light and to open views from the backyard (the highest point on the lot), the dilapidated cedar-shake shingled pitched roof was removed and replaced with a low-slope roof on the existing portion of the home. Because it did not meet the street setback requirements, the existing garage was torn down and reconstructed. The foundation of the existing portion of the house was required to be retrofitted with deep piers anchored in the undisturbed alluvium soil. New cast-in-place retaining walls and footings were constructed to support the new addition's conventional wood framing. The ship-lap siding on the existing portion of the home was replaced with smooth finish white stucco which is also the exterior finish on the addition.

The arrangement of volumetric forms that compose the addition to the home result from the client's desire to provide vantage points to capture and experience the views of the California sunsets toward the wester horizon, while maintaining visual privacy from the street, and a means to control direct sunlight. The addition meets these desires as well as the strict requirements set forth in local zoning ordinances that control the size of the allowable building envelope and street setback, along with structural, seismic, energy, and methane mitigation codes.

Westwood, CA

2,700 SF

Private residence remodel & addition

Jon Anderson, FAIA

Project Manager:
Mark Harvold, AIA

General Contractor:
Chris Forsyth

Chad Z. King