Mark Unverzagt, M.D. approached us to renovate a small commercial building purchased to be the future home for a new and innovative primary medical care practice. The building was a 40 year old masonry structure that formerly housed Mr. C's Low Rider Tee Shirt Shop. Dr. Unverzagt's primary reason for contacting our firm was his appreciation of our previous projects, which were in keeping with his personal aesthetic preferences. It was important to the client to create a progressive, modern clinic that would be a part of the neighborhood and in tune with downtown redevelopment.


The doctor envisioned this project not only as a new clinic for the downtown community, but also as a meeting space for community use and involvement. We developed a program that would provide the necessary spaces and technical requirements for a primary care clinic and also provide a community conference/meeting room all within the constraints of an existing 1,800 sq. ft. building footprint.

The existing concrete block building originally had low ceilings with minimal windows making the space look and feel dark and confined. With a minimal construction budget, we were able to fully realize a design that incorporated removing the existing ceiling and exposing the structural roof framing, the addition of two large light monitors with clerestory windows on the roof for capturing and controlling natural daylight, and new aluminum windows and storefront thereby transforming the space into a bright, colorful, and potentially healing environment.

Albuquerque, NM

1,600 SF

Remodel of 1950's commercial building into medical clinic

Jon Anderson, FAIA

Project Manager:
Mark Harvold, AIA

General Contractor:
Paul W. Kenderdine Inc.

Jon Anderson