ROMA Architecture (formerly Jon Anderson Architecture) served as the Architect of Record for this house designed by renowned architect Antoine Predock. According to Antoine: At the northeastern end of the Rio Blanco River Basin, the site of this House is defined by surrounding peaks and alpine vegetation within a grove of Ponderosas. The trunks form sheltered space and provide the impetus for the design. The grove is envisioned as fallen, forming an entwined gathering of logs. The house is set in the shelter of the grove in the realm of the senses.


Planes of glass reveal ever-changing views as the trees of the grove frame distant vignettes of mountain peaks and alpine surroundings. Defined outdoor spaces line the southern and eastern sides of the house, allowing outdoor activities to follow the sun’s path. Kitchen, dining and living spaces are one continuous high space. Lofted above are the guest bedroom and workroom. Moving along the glazed catwalk, the house dematerializes briefly between public and private areas. The master bedroom is high and close to the pine trees, as though it were a treehouse. The child’s room is playful and open, with a private play/camp deck that steps down to one of the largest trees in the grove.


Blanco Basin, CO

3,000 SF

Private Residence

Design Architect:
Antoine Predock, FAIA

Executive Architect:
Jon Anderson, FAIA

Project Manager:
Devon Cannady

Jon Anderson