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Our team has been making progress on a design for an employee recreation park at a grocery distribution center in Ciudad Juárez. The proposal embodies the client's vision for a vibrant green space that promotes physical activity, social interaction, and community.

Featuring a soccer field, basketball courts, a running track, and a variety of dining and gathering spaces, the park will not only serve as an amenity for employees while at work but will be open to a broader community of workers and their families employed at other locations throughout Juárez. This is in keeping with the owner’s mission to create safe, sustainable, and community-enriching spaces as a way of giving back to their workforce and their city. One such space is Centro Cívico S-Mart, a ROMA-designed community center completed in 2016.

We have thoroughly enjoyed imagining the possibilities for this project so far and are excited to see how the design evolves as we work to make it a reality.

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